Yung Bleu Got Mad On Instagram Stories After 21 Savage Clowned His Jacket

For some reason, 21 Savage has Yung Bleu in his sartorial sights, because he cannot stop critiquing his fit at every opportunity.

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According to HipHopdx, it started with 21 going after a customized jacket that YK Osiris debuted on Instagram that supposedly resembles a Gucci look.

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Then he posted a snapshot to his own Instagram of Yung Bleu, writing in the caption, “Why you holding yo chain up with yo jacket tho. Dam my brudda lookin like a pumpkin.”


He has since deleted this cruel commentary, but it was was saved by Dj Akademiks, who has been documenting the fit war. Maybe it would have died there, but YK went on his Instagram stories to defend his Gucci looking jacket.

“Y’all n—-s so stupid,” he said. “Made by Exclusive Game. Y’all know my boy. Customized jacket. Y’all n—-s be talking all that bullcrap. Gucci! Stupid little boy.”

Then Bleu went looking for a look he could throw in 21’s face and settled on an old picture of him out at one of Amber Rose’s Slut Walks with Blac Chyna.

“Lil chest checker board built azz boi,” Bleu wrote. “F–k was your thoughts this day ? What in the 101 Dalmatians I like to eat at rally’s shit is going on here.”

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All this complaining seems to have made everything worse, because people won’t stop commenting on the “Gucci” jacket:

10 Summers producer Mustard even went on his Instagram Stories saying that Gucci does not make custom jackets like YK’s and told him to take it off.

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“Gucci don’t make that,” Mustard said. “Gucci don’t make that, Osiris. Take that sh*t off, why would you do that?…Look man, it wasn’t about the jacket, it was about the outfit. It’s a bad outfit. I don’t know why we’re making this a big thing. It was just a joke. We’re joking, just like if my brother walked out the house with that shit on, I’d be like, ‘That outfit is horrible, take that off.'”

Sometimes when you insult a man’s jacket, things get out of control fast.

Written by Alison Sullivan

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