YouTuber Puts A PlayStation 5 Through A Shredder As An “Experiment” And People Got Big Mad

YouTube: Captain Crunch Experiments

YouTuber Captain Crunch Experiment basically makes their money through views, and they recently decided to tap into the rich vein of rage that powers most of the Internet. They took a Ps5, a gaming system people everywhere have been desperate to get their hands on, and decided to put it through an industrial shredder. You know, as an “experiment.”

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“In this video, I’m shredding and destroying the all-new Sony Playstation 5, the ps5 controller the power cables, books, and also shredding the boxes it comes in. So you can see what’s inside a PlayStation 5,” Captain writes in the video’s description.

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It’s hard to understand in what way this is an experiment. It’s not like no one knows what will happen when you put something through a shredder. My theory is the real experiment is on the minds of viewers, most of which were totally wrecked watching the PlayStation get massacred:

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Some seemed to see it as kind of an elaborate prank on anyone who cares about a Ps5 getting destroyed because they don’t have one. Like a group taunting:

Though a couple of people pointed out that this “joke” is derivative of past stunt queens who destroyed gaming systems for Internet clout:

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Captain Crunch won’t be stopped by disapproval. In a YouTube comment, they wrote, “If this post gets 100 likes i’m shredding a Xbox X!!!”

Alison Sullivan

Written by Alison Sullivan

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