Rapper Yella Beezy Defends Himself After Being Accused Of Raping A Woman On A First Date

Rapper Yella Beezy was arrested on charges of sexual assault, TMZ reports, after allegedly raping a woman while on a first date. The gossip blog went through Beezy’s arrest warrant and probable cause affidavit with the Colin County Sheriff’s Department. The woman went to the ER the following day, where she reported her assault back in April.

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She says that Yella Beezy contacted her on Instagram to ask if she was “looking for a new friend,” and eventually invited her to a dinner date in Dallas to be followed by bowling afterward. But after dinner, there was a two-hour gap until bowling reservations at 10 p.m. He invited her back to his place and she agreed.

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The woman says that they played cards and talked, and then the rapper asked for a massage while shirtless. She agreed and sat beside him afterward. She claims that’s when he attacked her, forcibly kissing her and pulling up her dress, eventually penetrating her vagina with his penis while she said “no” repeatedly. She broke free eventually and ran.

Beezy apparently tried to convince the woman that she’d initiated sex by kissing him.

Yella was booked for charges of sexual assault, felony abandoned endangered child, and misdemeanor unlawful carrying of a weapon on November 5th, the same day his partnership with new label Asylum was announced, XXL Mag reports. He has since taken to Instagram to defend himself, calling the story a “false narrative” and explaining that the allegations are part of those same charges.

“I appreciate everybody that is reaching out to me,” he said. “I’ll have my day in court. A rumor spreads faster than the truth…just trust the process.”

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Yella was booked at Collin County Sheriff’s Office located in the Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington metropolitan area, but the charges were filed by the Plano Police Department. He was released on $57,500 bond.

Written by Alison Sullivan

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