Video: Wyclef Jean Drops Range Rover CEO On His Head

wycleaf jean range rover

Wyclef Jean had an awkward moment on Monday after accidentally dropping the CEO of Range Rover on his head at an event.

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The rapper was hired to provide the entertainment at the Range Rover Leadership Summit, and from the looks of it, he was going all in. At some point, he hoisted President & CEO Joe Eberhardt onto his shoulders and slowly paraded him around for photos and fun.

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To Jean’s credit, it looks like he was trying to be careful with the older gentleman — he held his hands and made no sudden movements while a smiling Eberhardt was riding high. But when he bent over to let him down, Eberhardt appeared to lose his balance and simply continued pitching forward, ultimately tumbling onto the ground, headfirst.

Jean immediately picked him back up and a subsequent clip shows others at the party attending to him to make sure he’s okay.

According to TMZ, Eberhardt wasn’t hurt during the fall, although he did appear dazed for a bit, and left the after-party early.

With no reported injuries, people on social media were more than ready to crack jokes about the incident.

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And considering the general dislike of the ultra-wealthy right now, and the deep divide between employee pay and CEO pay at just about every major company in the U.S., many joked that Wyclef was really out here making some choices.

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One could say that at least Jean gave Eberhardt an after-party he’ll never forget, but after getting dropped on his head, he very well might.

Written by Rachel Kiley

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