‘Some Heroes Wear G-Strings’—Woman Twerks For Prisoners On Parking Garage Roof

twerk prison

There may not be much entertainment in prison, but one woman decided to make sure some inmates in downtown Chicago got some live amusement a few nights ago.

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TikToker @mazz1234_ posted a video taken from one building, looking out towards both a multi-level parking garage and the Metropolitan Correctional Center. On the otherwise empty top floor of the garage, a woman has stepped outside of her vehicle and is dancing and twerking, seemingly directing her energy towards MCC.

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The camera pans over to the correctional center, only to show that the prisoners are “flashing their lights for her,” apparently showing their appreciation for the live entertainment.

Commenters on Reddit have noted that this is actually somewhat of a tradition.

“I worked on the 13th floor of the building immediately east of that garage 20 years ago,” wrote u/banausic. “We used to see people having sex on the roof of that garage for the prisoners to watch.”

“I know women that have gone up there to flash the prisoners. It’s pretty common,” added u/smakola.

Overall, people were pretty supportive of this particular woman’s decision to put on a show for folks who are locked up in the building.

“Some heroes wear g-strings,” one Redditor joked.

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“Doing the lord’s work,” someone on TikTok agreed.

Whoever the mysterious twerking woman is, it’s obvious she put a good amount of effort into her dance, and it’s hard not to wonder if she’s doing it all for someone special on the inside. And if so, hey, maybe she’ll be back.

Written by Rachel Kiley

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