Woman Bafflingly Gets Mad At Her BFFs After Her Boyfriend Fails A Loyalty Test


A TikToker who exposes boyfriends willing to cheat on their woman was blown away after one such video accidentally caused a chasm in a friend group.

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Ayrel (@iKnowAyrel) approached three women on the street during a night out and asked if any of them had boyfriends. Only one did, so he asked if the ladies would be willing to participate in a little game he plays.

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The other two friends would call up the boyfriend, ask him if he was down to hang out, and the girlfriend would be listening in to the conversation to see if her man responded appropriately — and of course, it would all be caught on camera.

All three were enthusiastic participants, with the girlfriend insistent that her boyfriend was trustworthy. And at first, the friends just asked him for a ride home and to maybe watch a movie at his place, to which he agreed. 

That could have been innocent enough, but one insisted that “Gina can’t find out” — and the boyfriend readily echoed that sentiment, intimating that he expected something to happen.

“Just make sure you don’t tell Gina,” he said.

The TikToker who orchestrated the whole thing waved Gina closer so that she could reveal her presence and scold the boyfriend who seemed willing to step out on her. But instead of talking into the phone, Gina addressed her friends.

“Are you f—king kidding me?” she asked. “I thought we were like best friends since what, like sixth grade.”

“You’re mad at them?” Ayrel asked, clearly taken aback by the turn.

The friends, along with Ayrel, tried to tell Gina that she should be mad at her man, but she never even addressed him as she focused her anger on the girls instead.

“You guys called him though,” she said. “It’s a two-way street.”

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Part two of it all doesn’t get much better, with Gina doubling down on her irritation with her friends, despite their reminders that she approved the whole thing and that they literally did nothing wrong.

People were less than thrilled with her placing the blame on the friends that exposed the possibility of her guy cheating rather than the boyfriend who did her dirty to begin with.

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Some viewers suggested she knew the friends weren’t to blame, but that she was just embarrassed and panicked and made a poor choice.

Hopefully Gina eventually figured out that her friends have her back and her man maybe doesn’t. But this certainly isn’t going to be a fond memory for any of them to look back on…with the whole rest of the internet.

Written by Rachel Kiley

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