Woman Calls Out Fiancé For Cheating While Singing ‘Say My Name’ Karaoke

karaoke cheating say my name

There are a lot of ways to confront someone about cheating, but in public is a real crowd favorite. A viral TikTok originally posted by @tiktokero91 shows a woman going off on her fiancé at a club where they seem to have gone to enjoy a little karaoke. The woman starts off singing Destiny’s Child hit “Say My Name,” setting the tone for her accusations.

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Then the woman walks up to her fiancé who is standing next to another lady. Our singer points to her and says, “That’s my friend. You had sex with her. Isn’t that right?”

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The friend starts laughing and he takes a sip of his drink in response and she gets back to the song before starting again.

“Don’t play me, you did it!” she continues. “Wasn’t I supposed to be the one you married? You are such a liar!”

Then she turns to the other woman and says, “We’ve been friends for so long!…Don’t f-cking play.”

The video was reposted to Twitter by @AkanButNoJeezyy, who seemed to find it hilarious that the DJ kept playing for her whole display:

People were impressed she got all the way through the song without whipping that mic at anyone’s head, especially the giggling other woman:

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Okay, unfortunately this whole stupid thing is fake. The trio have come forward saying they were “practicing their acting” and no one is engaged to anyone, they’re just a small group of friends who know exactly what the people want: drama.

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People are actually kind of pissed that they did all this for no reason and that everyone is being taken in by their “skit.”

Written by Alison Sullivan

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