Sign Language Interpreter Performs WAP Like Her Life Depends On It

WAP sign language

It’s hard not to dance when Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion’s hit “WAP” comes on, but the way this sign language interpreter is feeling this song is practically performance art. The woman gained attention when signing at Megan’s headline act at Lollapalooza 2021 on Saturday in Chicago.

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HipHopDX shared a short clip to TikTok on Tuesday, captioning it, “This Sign language interpreter going off during @theestallion ‘s ‘WAP‘ performance at Lollapalooza.”

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The TikTok shows a snippet from the song featuring the following heavily censored lyrics:

“P**** A1, just like his credit. He got a beard, well, I’m tryna wet it. I let him taste it, now he diabetic. I don’t wanna spit, I wanna gulp. I wanna gag, I wanna choke. I want you to touch that lil’ dangly thing. That swing in the back of my throat. My head game is fire, p****** Dasani. It’s going in dry and it’s coming out soggy.”

And you can see exactly how that was interpreted:


This Sign language interpreter going off during @theestallion’s “WAP” performance at Lollapalooza 😭🤣 #Lolla #MeganTheeStallion #lollapalooza

♬ original sound – HipHopDX

Some highlights include some demonstrative deep throating:


And what I think means “dangly thing at the back of my throat.”

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The interpreter was identified as @kelly4access on Instagram, where she’s actually posted sign language for WAP as performed by deaf interpreter @michai.aslvisualmusic

But everybody loves the live performance, some saying it’s even dirtier than the original song:

Hey, it’s just a new way to appreciate the song all over again.

Written by Alison Sullivan

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