Video Shows The Brutal Moment A UFC Fighter Shattered His Leg, 17 Seconds Into A Fight

chris weidman, chris weidman leg, chris weidman leg injury
chris weidman, chris weidman leg, chris weidman leg injury

Readers, beware, this clip of American fighter Chris Weidman getting his leg shattered into a thousand pieces in a fight will haunt your mind for the rest of your life.

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Weidman went down only 17 seconds into a UFC fight with Uriah Hall on Saturday, as the two sparred at the VyStar Veterans Memorial Arena in Jacksonville, Florida, according to Insider.

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Apparently, Hall hadn’t even thrown a single shot when the accident took place.

In the video, Weidman kicks against Hall’s leg and loses all form. he doesn’t even seem to feel it at first, only falling when he tries to step back on the shattered leg and obviously can’t. Then he falls to the ground.

It’s horrific and was posted by UFC boss Dana White. Again, fair warning: the footage is graphic.

Weidman was declared the loser even though a fight didn’t really take place. He was rushed to the hospital on a stretcher:

It happened so quickly Weidman’s opponent Uriah Hall hadn’t actually done anything in the bout before being confirmed as the winner—Hall didn’t attempt a takedown or throw a single shot.

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“It’s unfortunate, I’m sure he had to prepare himself to get out, but it’s one of those where you just didn’t see it come, so you take it and move forward,” said Hall to Insider about the loss and his own win.

“Obviously, I got the win on paper,” he added. “Whoever the UFC is going to line up, my goal is the same, I’m trying to become champ and we gotta play the game. I’m in the rank, top nine right now, I don’t know where I go after this, maybe eight, the goal is just to get to Izzy [Adesanya, UFC champion]. However it plays out, we’ll be ready.”

Hall has had nine losses, but this freak injury will bump his record to 17 wins. Weidman will likely be in recovery for a while. That’s not coming from any reporting, just my own observation from watching that video.

Alison Sullivan

Written by Alison Sullivan

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