Victoria’s Secret Karen Attacks Black Woman, Then Has A Straight Up Meltdown

victorias secret karen meltdown

A pair of jarringly overdramatic videos appearing to show a white woman attempt to hit a Black woman and then have a complete meltdown in the middle of Victoria’s Secret has viewers stunned.

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The first of the videos, which were originally uploaded to TikTok, starts right off with the white woman lunging at the customer recording, arm outstretched and hand open. We aren’t privy to what went down before this, but as soon as she fails to either hit the other woman or knock the phone out of her hand, the white woman backs away and breaks into hysterics.

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The woman recording, later identified as Ijeoma Ukenta, appears shocked by her behavior, astonishment clear in her voice as she asks everyone nearby to confirm that they see what’s happening and saw this woman take a run at her.

The white woman falls to the floor crying, insisting she didn’t do anything wrong.

“I didn’t try to hit you!” she cries. “I don’t want to be recorded!”

“You should’ve thought about that before you did what you did,” Ukenta replies.

The other customers continue about their business as Ukenta asks an employee to call security, causing the white woman to cry even harder and demand to know why the employees aren’t “defending” her.

Eventually, one customer suggests Ukenta walk away, begging the question of why the woman so upset about being recorded doesn’t do exactly that.

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By the time the second video starts, the upset woman is fully lying on the ground, shaking and screaming and demanding someone take Ukenta’s phone away.

But Ukenta explains that she’s going to keep recording to protect herself, as the other woman had claimed she was “threatening” her earlier on.

The video ends with the white woman screaming “get her away from me!” and chasing Ukenta through the store

The incident went viral, with the videos racking up millions of views across various social media platforms. And just about everyone who watched was firmly on Ukenta’s side, shocked by the other woman’s behavior along with the audacity she had to act like the victim despite everything recorded.

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Ukenta said that TikTok ultimately removed her videos and deleted her account, but she’s uploaded further footage from the incident, as well as a subsequent police report, on her YouTube channel. The additional video includes the white woman allegedly calling the police on Ukenta, claiming that she was being threatened and mocked.

Written by Rachel Kiley

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