Clueless ‘Karen’ Is Outraged, Confused By Vibrators Being Sold At Target

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One of the reasons we have such a love-hate affair with Target is because you can buy literally almost anything there. Stopping by to pick up a prescription or a few groceries? Too bad, because unless you have willpower made out of steel, you’re walking out with a new handbag, recently reduced pair of slippers, a Nintendo Switch Lite—or perhaps, a little something else to blow off steam? Yes, we are talking vibrators, here, people. But unfortunately, not everybody is thrilled that Target is selling them.

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Over the summer, Twitter user @kittynouveau shared what appears to be a screenshot of a woman named Misty (or, "Karen," if you must) angrily leaving a comment on the Target Facebook page over a display of vibrators she saw at the big box store.

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“Target sinks to a new low in it’s [sic] hatred of parents, children, families, and anything appropriate,” the woman seethed. "Front and center for little eyes to see. A vibrator that you can stick in BOTH holes. Because that is appropriate for little ones to see while shopping for vitamins."

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There's a lot to unpack here. First and foremost, the display was clearly in the sexual wellness aisle and not "front and center, for all eyes to see," as claimed in the post. That much is evident from the display of lube directly above the vibrators.

Secondly, and this cannot be reiterated enough, but "BOTH holes???" Does ... she ... uh, not understand how a dual vibrating massager works? Twitter was unsurprisingly likewise flummoxed.

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Others pointed out—disregarding this woman's apparent stunning lack of knowledge when it comes to her own body—why would kids even be in that aisle, much less know what vibrators even are??

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Does this woman sincerely think that the only purpose of a vagina is reproduction? Instead of being outraged at Target for selling vibrators, maybe she should have taken that as a sign from above. Lord knows she seems to need it.


Written by Stacey

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