T-Pain Said Usher Told Him He ‘F–ked Up Music’ And It Sent Him Into A 4-Year Depression

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lev radin/Shutterstock, This Is Pop via Twitter/@LoggingInIsBad

Most people know what T-Pain did for auto-tuning and now the world is discovering what Usher did to T-Pain. In an interview clip from This Is Pop posted on Twitter by user @LoggingInIsBad, T-Pain got emotional as he recalled a really unpleasant interaction he had with Usher in 2013 while flying to the BET Awards.

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In his story, Usher went out of his way to ruin his day and ended up ruining years of T-Pain’s life. And it especially hurt because T-Pain thought they were friends.

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There are a lot of people who hate auto-tune and its ability to correct people’s pitch. T-Pain used it as a tool to make music with a specific sound, not to just disguise people’s real singing capabilities. It was a divisive device, but T-Pain had 50 chart-topping singles, according to BroBible, so there are also a lot of people who like it. With his success, other artists began using auto-tune, and apparently, this angered Usher.

Here’s the story:

“We were going to the 2013 BET Awards. We were all in first class. I was awakened by the flight attendant. She said, ‘Usher would like to talk to you in the back.’

So I got up and went back, quick small talk. No big deal.

Then he was like, ‘I want to tell you something, man.’ He sounded real concerned.

He was like, ‘Man you kind of fucked up music.’

I didn’t understand. Usher was my friend. He was like, ‘You really fucked up music for real singers.’

Literally at that point, I couldn’t listen. Is he right? Did I fuck up music? And that is the very moment, I don’t even think I realized this for a very long time, that’s the very moment that started a four year depression for me.”

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Does T-Pain deserve all this criticism piled on top of him? Did he “ruin” music? I’m not sure any one person can take responsibility for that, and if they did, they’d be someone much worse than an auto-tuner.

People do not like seeing their T-Pain hurt and are threatening Usher online for waking a man up just to sh-t on them:

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If you’ve got nothing nice to say, don’t say anything, especially if someone has managed to fall asleep on an airplane flight. That’s really hard to do.

Written by Alison Sullivan

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