Video: Delivery Guy Caught Stealing Food With Bare Hands, Licking Fingers, And Re-Closing The Bag For Delivery


A TikTok allegedly showing an UberEats driver eating out of someone else’s meal before taking it to them is going viral as people stress about food safety in a pandemic as well as general grossness.

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According to @sarahfromflorida, her friend is the one who caught the moment on camera in Chicago, Illinois.

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The video shows a guy sitting on the sidewalk with food containers open next to him. He pulls parts of what look to be pasta out of the food delivery container with his bare hands and puts it into his own plastic container. He follows up with a second, third, and fourth dish — still using his hands and even licking his fingers in between.

Closing the delivery dishes back up, the driver then grabs a stapler out of his things and closes the bag back up so it looks like it was never tampered with, prompting Sarah to add the caption “not his first time” over the video.

The man that shoves his container of siphoned food into his own backpack, hops on a Lyft bike nearby, and presumably heads off to make his delivery.

This kind of behavior is the nightmare of everyone who orders food from these apps, especially considering the anti-tampering methods many restaurants implemented during the pandemic to make customers feel as if their food is safe, such as stapling the bag together or sealing it with stickers. But this man is proof that some people will go above and beyond to keep stealing food anyway.

Still, some people in the comments were sympathetic, warning others that they don’t know his situation and shouldn’t judge.

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But the majority of people were seriously disgusted by what they saw, noting that handling someone else’s food with your bare hands (which you keep licking!) is disgusting at all times, but particularly heinous during a pandemic.

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Between this and the UberEats vehicle crawling with roaches, it really may be time to delete those delivery apps for good.

Written by Rachel Kiley

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