Tyler Perry Is Single, “Having A Midlife Crisis,” And Thirst Trapping On Social Media

tyler perry midlife crisis
Twitter: Tyler Perry

Triple threat Tyler Perry has a media empire and millions in the bank. Even great success could not protect this celebrity from the destruction of 2020. Page Six reports that Perry’s name has long been attached to model Gelila Bekele and they have a six-year-old son named Aman Tyler Perry. There isn’t much info on what went down, but the man is single now.

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In a post that made it to Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, Perry showed off his gym body and basically announced he's single and looking to mingle. With God at his side, of course.

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"This is what a midlife crisis looks like," he wrote. "I’m 51, single and wondering what the next chapter in my life will look like. Whatever it looks like I’m going to walk with God, be the best father and man I can be, hold my head up high, and try to look my best doing it!!

"In a world with so much sadness, please try and stay in the good! Merry Christmas and let’s look forward to 2021 bringing us peace!"

It might not have been his intention to turn this into a personal ad, but there were a lot of ladies shooting their shots in the replies, with hilarious results. A lot of the women replying to Perry are gaining their own fans:

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We're wishing Tyler Perry love and joy in this new year, whether it's with a Reply Gal or not.

Alison Sullivan

Written by Alison Sullivan

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