White Guy Yelling N-Word Gets Pummeled With A Twisted Tea, Sparking Memes

twisted tea

Though 2020 has been far from an ideal year, with [waves arms] the pandemic and everything else, one positive is that so-called “Karens” and other racist white people have received swift comeuppance for harassing Black folks. In some cases, it has even resulted in legal action or getting fired from jobs—such was the case with “Central Park Karen,” a.k.a., Amy Cooper.

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In one wholly unique and satisfying case, however, a racist took a Twisted Tea to the side of the head. And the ensuing memes have been nothing short of outstanding.

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The incident took place in a convenience store in Elyria, Ohio, and went viral after video footage first made its way to the Public Freakout subreddit. In the video, an unidentified, unmasked, and clearly inebriated white man is seen yelling hysterically at an unidentified Black man for unknown reasons.

As things begin to escalate, the angry white guy proceeds to repeatedly drop the n-word in his tirades—and only seems to be encouraged when the Black man calmly asks him to stop. “I’m gonna say [the n-word] all day, every day,” he screams. “Are you kidding me? Where you from [n-word]? Where you from? Where you from?”

“You from here?” the white man continues ranting. “Get the fuck outta here, you a clown, [n-word].” At this point, clearly fed up with the situation, the Black man picks up a can of Twisted Tea.

“What? You gonna smack me with that?” the white man asks. “Smack me. Smack me, [n-word]!” And … POW, right in the kisser, the Black man lets him have it.

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A scuffle quickly ensued, as the white man was likely deeply regretting his life choices. But that smack heard round the world was not something that the internet will soon forget, and it didn’t take long for it to become the perfect meme.

As Twisted Tea began trending on Twitter, many people imagined it as the perfect weapon to fight racism—or whatever else needs tending to with a hard smack of Twisted.

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Others remixed the Twisted Tea video to songs by Dave Matthews or Michael Jackson.

And not an insignificant number of the memes have been directed at Mitch McConnell, after shutting down yet another COVID-19 stimulus package:

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The jokes and memes have been endless:

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But if there’s one thing can all probably agree on, at the end of the day…

Written by Stacey

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