Trey Songz Spits Into Two Women’s Mouths And People Are Grossed Out

trey songz spit

Is this what’s going on during a pandemic? In what looks like a new video of some nature for singer Trey Songz, he’s filmed spitting onto the mouths of two willing women.

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The 13-second clip shows a shirtless Trey Songz on what seems like a film set, with two women suggestively kneeled in front of him, licking each other’s tongues. From above, Trey spits down in between them, onto their tongue swap.

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What’s also problematic is that he tested positive for COVID-19 in October. Spitting into the mouths of even willing women probably isn’t the move.

There’s not much context for it, in and of itself; however, it’s clear it’s been staged for future use. Whatever the use, people aren’t having it.

And then the Trey Songz spit jokes ensued.

Of course, there were always going to be people admitting they liked the Trey Songz video.

“Kirk Franklin said he’s going to break his son’s neck and Trey Songz is spitting in mouths during a pandemic. Nice to know that it’s still weird here,” tweeted @thoughtfulbae.

All the jokes aside, the visuals are likely part of a marketing scheme. A recent Instagram post previews a possible new cover track of Mooski’s “Trackstar.” Note the highly suggestive lyrics.


Written by Kahron Spearman

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