Trey Songz Arrested After Brawl With Cop At Chiefs Game

treysongz/Instagram, Glock_Topickz/Twitter

Singer Trey Songz was arrested after getting into a fight with a cop during the Kansas City Chiefs game on Sunday, but witnesses are claiming it wasn’t his fault.

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Footage obtained by TMZ shows the singer sitting in his seat when a police officer starts trying to drag him up. Songz resists and eventually appears to punch the officer and put him in a headlock. Security comes to assist, and people nearby can be heard screaming at all of them to stop and get off of Songz.

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The singer was eventually wrestled into handcuffs and taken out of the stadium.

According to TMZ, a witness said the whole altercation started because people in the surrounding areas were heckling Songz and he asked them to stop. It was at that point that the officer “went after” him, which matches up with the fact that Songz appears to just be chilling in his seat at the start of the whole video.

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After the past year, not many people were willing to give the cop the benefit of the doubt in the situation.

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Last year, Songz faced backlash after being accused of sexual assault and sexual misconduct on two separate occasions, and previously had charges of domestic violence against him dropped.

The singer has been released from custody in relation to the incident at the Chiefs’ game.


Written by Rachel Kiley

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