Another Woman Accuses Trey Songz Of Sexual Assault—And Drops Video To Back It Up

trey songz sexual assault video
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Singer Trey Songz has been accused by yet another woman of sexual misconduct, and she has the video footage to back her up.

Attorneys George Vrabeck and Ariel Mitchell sent a demand letter to Trey Songz and his team on behalf of their client, Megan Johnson, who was allegedly sexually assaulted by the singer during a party he hosted in August of 2013.

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The event in question was called “Foxwoods Liquid Sundays with Trey Songz” and was held at the Foxwoods Resort Casino in Mashantucket, CT, which is where the attorneys allege the events between Johnson and Songz occurred in the VIP tent. 

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According to the letter, which was acquired by TMZ, Johnson’s friend was about to take a photo of her, and when Songz came up behind her, the friend switched the camera to video mode to record the interaction. 

“That video shows you coming up behind Ms. Johnson, ripping her bikini top from her chest-grabbing and then exposing her bare breast,” the letter reads. “Ms. Johnson immediately pulled her top back on preparing herself for another assault, that you surely delivered.  As if on cue, and with intended premeditation, you further terrorized and humiliated Ms. Johnson with your degrading chant, ‘Titties in The Open’ ‘Titties in The Open.’ Which you chanted FOUR TIMES as if it were the chorus to one of your songs.”

In the video, the woman the attorneys claim to be Johnson hurriedly covers herself and tries to laugh it off seemingly to end the exchange. Her attorneys claim in the letter that Johnson was “ashamed and embarrassed. Her mind raced with anxiety” after the alleged assault.

They went on to say that Johnson’s memories were recently triggered by Songz’s Vegas case, and that “[since] the assault, Ms. Johnson has engaged in self harm, suffered severe emotional distress, including fear, anxiety, humiliation, depression, and other physical injuries, and damages.”

They concluded that they don’t want to go through the lengthy litigation process, and would drop the case if Songz agreed to a settlement of upwards of $5 million. 

Johnson may be out of luck in this case depending on the statute of limitations, which in Connecticut is normally three years, though memory issues relating to the events that are later triggered can extend the period of the statute of limitations. Trey Songz has been given until May 5 to respond, after which time they will proceed with taking him to court.

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Written by Anna Good

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