Travis Scott Deactivated His Instagram After People Clowned His Halloween Costume

travis scott batman

Celebs typically love showing off their Halloween costumes on social media, because when you’ve got millions of dollars at your disposal the only limitations are your personal creativity. Unfortunately, Travis Scott maybe got a little too creative with his interpretation of Batman, and the subsequent backlash apparently got under his skin.

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The deleted posts have since been captured for posterity by The Shade Room Instagram account. In the first panel, Scott appears to be walking towards what must ostensibly be his “bat cave,” and in the second you can see him full suited up as the caped crusader. Only, in an unusual twist, the traditionally black superhero costume is instead brown—the same shade as the cars that Scott is seen standing in between.

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Clearly, as at least one commenter pointed out, Brown must be Scott’s favorite color. However, others were less than impressed. “Travis Scott is drowning in millions of dollars right now and he couldn’t get a good Batman costume smh,” tweeted one user. Another accused Scott of being “swaggerless.”

The mean-spirited comments led to Scott deactivating his account altogether, but it still didn’t jokes and memes from coming.

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Others pointed out the resemblance between his costume and the character “Flea” from the animated series ¡Mucha Lucha!.

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Even others roasted the McDonald’s Travis Scott Meal promotion that had ended earlier in October.

Eh, as the saying goes, you win some, you lose some. Hopefully, Travis Scott will have better luck next Halloween because it would hard to do worse than this.


Written by Stacey

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