T-Pain Gets Called The N-Word By Racists While Playing “Call Of Duty”—So He Annihilates The Entire Team

tpain racists, tpain call of duty

It seems unfair that rapper T-Pain can’t just chill out and play Call of Duty without having to teach a bunch of racist white gamers a lesson. But as long as he’s doing so, it’s nice we can all enjoy his triumph.

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The musician posted the clip originally on his TikTok account, and it got shared by Twitter account @DefNoodles. In the clip, T-Pain is minding his COD business, when a bunch of white guys jump into the game and started using the n-word and saying “f-ck Black Lives Matter.”

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Would really love to see them try and say that to T-Pain’s face.

As the match begins, T-Pain says to other players that “one of these motherf-ckers is on the n—– sh-t, and I want all of them.”

He then calmly annihilates them all. Clearly, T-Pain is an avid gamer with a lot of skill, and given the reputation of the gaming world, has likely dealt with this racist sh-t a whole lot before. That sucks. But seeing this does not:


As the match ends with T-Pain’s victory, He says, “Ladies and gentlemen, looks like the n—– wins, stupid idiots.”

Now, ban racists, COD.

Written by Alison Sullivan

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