Oblivious White Woman Tries To Touch Black Stranger’s Hair In Frustrating Viral Video

Oblivious White Woman Tries To Touch Black Stranger's Hair In Frustrating Viral Video

A video of a white woman trying to touch a Black woman’s hair in a bathroom is going viral.

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@MugiwaraMani said that she had her camera set up in a bathroom to try to record a quick video when a white woman approached her.

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She wrote on the video that it was the third time this woman had asked her if her hair was real, to which she said “yes.”

The woman then got closer and reached her hand out towards @MugiwaraMani’s head while asking if she could touch it.

The answer was a resounding “no” as @MugiwaraMani pulled away from the intrusive attempt.

“Black Women are not being dramatic when we tell you it happens more often than you think,” she wrote on Twitter.

The incident wasn’t surprising to a lot of viewers, but the frustration with that kind of behavior was palpable in the responses.

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Other Black women shared similar experiences they had of strangers—generally white people—trying to touch their hair out of nowhere.

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And some had creative suggestions for dealing with it in the future.

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Bottom line: don’t try to touch people, and especially strangers, without permission. And don’t ask strangers for permission to touch them, because that’s weird. It’s not that hard, folks.

Written by Rachel Kiley

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