A TikTok About How Tinder Works Has Exposed Cheaters Everywhere

Finding out your partner is cheating can be incredibly painful. Finding out they did it from Tinder can be incredibly embarrassing. And this TikTok from user @trinniiitty manages to be painful and embarrassing for anyone who believed that cheating ex and took them back, because it immediately cuts through the lies about an “old Tinder profile.”

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“Just a PSA if they’re like ‘oh yeah that’s an old Tinder account they saw, I deleted the app a long time ago,'” they wrote…

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“Tinder only shows profiles that have been active within 7 days,” they conclude, then covers their face in agony. A short but powerful message.

There were a number of responses in the comments from people who claimed that’s how they figured out their partner was cheating.

Some said they believed those cheaters at the time, some said they were just learning this, and a couple said that previous closed cheating accusations were being reopened for a second look.

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But there is still some controversy. A Twitter user tweeted this same fact awhile ago and it also went as viral as this TikTok as many eyes were opened. It was also contested by a number of people who say that if the person swiping keeps going and going and going, they will eventually see the truly inactive profiles as well.

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To clarify, an inactive profile isn’t a DELETED profile, so if you fully delete your profile nothing like this should ever happen. Nothing should ever happen like this anyway, because cheating sucks, but you know. Be careful out there.

Written by Alison Sullivan


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