Woman Drugs Boyfriend As A “Joke” So He Can’t Hang With His Friends—And People Are Mad

A couple’s account on TikTok called @migoandjay is getting a lot of attention for seeming to promote a form of domestic abuse, even though they considered it a joke.

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In the video, the girlfriend shows herself mixing a drink of juice and NyQuil, with the caption, “Attention ladies: when he says he going out with the boys later!!”

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She then serves it to him as he eats a meal, he drinks, and next thing you know, he’s passed out on the sofa.

His girlfriend throws a blanket over him, then laughs and dances triumphantly over his “drugged” body.

Eventually, the TikTok was shared on Twitter, where people mostly reacted in horror:

While it seems obvious to most people that the boyfriend is clearly in on the faux-drugging, it still seemed like a huge violation for a partner to make. Drugging someone is a form of domestic abuse, and many replies were worried to that someone watching this might take it seriously.

There were also a lot of people who felt this wasn’t being given the gravity it deserved because it was a man being drugged instead of a woman:

Jay and Migo have responded on TikTok, answering a comment that referenced Bill Cosby and apologizing for anyone “offended” by their “joke.”


Reply to @stinky_foot0 #coming2america #viral #nyquil going live tonight 930 and we can speak more on there 🙃

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They also have the comments turned off, if that tells you anything about what their notifications have been like.

Written by Alison Sullivan

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