Woman Finds A Whole Entire Apartment Behind Her Bathroom Mirror In Viral TikTok

TikTok is so incredible. You can learn all sorts of stuff, see different places, learn new skills, and watch a real-life horror movie unfold in 60-second increments.

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Everyone is terrified right now for a TikToker named @samanthartsoe, who has been posting about a giant hole she found behind her apartment mirror in New York City. Her videos were reposted by Twitter user @cheymillz, and became Twitter’s favorite story.

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The first section just shows “Samantha” in her home, noting that she felt this breeze in certain spots of her bathroom and could not figure out where the cold air was coming from.

She tried taping stuff up, but that didn’t work. Then she noticed that most of the cold air was around her mirror:

When she picked the mirror up off the wall, a fairly large hole was visible, leading into a dark small room…that seemed to extend.


Samantha announced she’d be going into the hole if her hips would fit through. Though she did invite a couple of friends over to watch the proceedings, she entered alone and didn’t update for a while:

FINALLY, we got a tour of what’s behind the wall, and it’s not just one room. It’s an entire empty unfinished apartment, with windows and everything, which explains why it was so cold.

Presumably, Samantha has been okay since all of this happened since she managed to post the TikToks, but the scenario has reminded everyone of a certain film called Candyman. They can’t stop comparing the two:

The truth is, even if there isn’t a supernatural murderer behind the wall, it’s still creepy as hell to have a hole anyone can crawl through in your bathroom. No superpowers needed, thanks!

Written by Alison Sullivan

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