Viral Video Shows Woman Blasting Her Boss For Asking About Her “Sexy Panties”

A woman who shared a TikTok video of what she claims is evidence of her boss sexually harassing her is going viral for the extreme creepiness.

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TikTok user @deathkittyx, who uses the name Harper on the platform, shared a video that has her reacting to a man’s voice. Though not all the details are evident from the video and her captions, there’s enough there to have garnered nearly 7 million views in just two days (as of Tuesday mid-day).

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The first segment, captioned, “Finally was able to catch my boss $exually harassing me,” captures the voice of a man verbally undressing Harper while she listens while a hand over her brow.

As the Daily Dot noted, she explained in the comments section of the video that she works in home healthcare and takes care of a quadriplegic. It is unclear based on the video if the “boss” harassing her is her patient or her patient’s guardian.

The man in the video says, “Imagine you’re back healthy. You’re wearing these cute pink shorts, with a cute little white, silky blouse, looking all so cute,” he says. “Sexy panties on.”

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In another segment coming directly after, she records herself denying her boss after he allegedly asks to see her breasts.

She captioned this part of the video, “Asking to see my tit$.”

“I want to see how small they are,” the man says. “For real.” She responds to both inquiries with a “No.”

The Daily Dot noted that many of the top comments on the video were “from users defending her against accusations that the video was staged or that she somehow invited the harassment by denying her boss’s requests in a ‘flirty’ manner.”

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“She exposes her boss who is clearly in a position of power, literally has proof, and you judge her by her TONE????” asked one commenter incredulously.

“OK for everyone saying ‘well don’t say no like that’ uh the last few times I tried saying no sternly they tried [getting] physical because they were upset,” another commented. “They felt offended and I’ve had to run from people. It’s hard to be stern in a power dynamic like this.”

Harper posting the video with the caption, “Safe to say I have evidence now,” implies some kind of legal action is coming, though she’s not specific in the TikTok arena what that might be.

Written by Alison Sullivan

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