TikToker Accuses Pop-Punk Frontman Of Cheating On His Wife With Her—And People Think They’ve Figured Out Who It Is

madieoneill1/TikTok, kellinquinn/Instagram

Accusations from a TikToker that a pop-punk singer cheated on his wife with her has internet sleuths digging, and fans of one band on edge.

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@madieoneill1 garnered over a million views after posting a video saying that for just a single “like,” she would “expose the pop-punk frontman who cheated on their wife with me.” 

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♬ King For A Day - Pierce The Veil

Needless to say, Madie got far more than a single like, but it didn’t take a follow-up video for people to start tossing out guesses. The song she chose for the video is “King For a Day” by Pierce the Veil, whose frontman, Vic Fuentes isn’t married.

But the featured artist on the track, Sleeping With Sirens’ Kellin Quinn, has been married since 2013, and fans quickly put two and two together.

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Madie eventually posted screenshots of two Instagram conversations with someone whose name is largely blocked out, but ends with “nn” and has a verified checkmark on the platform, as Quinn does. Neither conversation is racy, but does feature late-night conversations and the other person referring to Madie as “boo.”

Fans were quick to express their disappointment if the allegations are, in fact true, but Madie’s story has left some people confused. The DMs themselves don’t seem to show any evidence of cheating, and while a later Instagram Live saw her clarify that they “hooked up,” she didn’t provide any further information to substantiate her claim.

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Madie now says she’s temporarily banned from TikTok, but shared more of their Instagram history via Twitter, insinuating that they may have at least met at some point.

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The whole situation has left fans divided on how to feel and who to believe.

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Quinn returned to Twitter after a hiatus that appears to have begun in October to deny the allegations…kind of.

“I love my wife I love my kids, and we have a REAL life,” he wrote. “Trying to cancel people to get follows is pure f—king evil.”

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The fact that it’s not an outright denial that anything happened is concerning, but the trail ends here, for now.


Written by Rachel Kiley

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