Woman Sprinting In Pleaser Heels Over Different Terrains Becomes Viral Sensation

Woman Sprinting In Pleaser Heels Over Different Terrains Becomes Viral Sensation

Sometimes a TikTok trend pops up on the FYP that makes me think, “Someone is gonna get real hurt doing this,” and we have a winner for February 2021.

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It may not be a full-on trend yet, because unlike many viral "challenges," it's actually challenging. But even watching two people do it is too much for my nerves.

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The first person to do this, according to The Daily Dot, is TikToker @cityboiixx, who says, "B-tch, who can’t run in heels?"

Then he does, over and over, in progressively skinnier heels, to SpongeBob Squarepants’ "Jellyfish Jam."

This isn't something a lot of people can do, but TikToker @feliciamonique08 watched it and knew it was her moment. She dueted the video, except she ran across an open field, which is actually insane. How many gophers got knifed by a heel that day?

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According to her TikTok bio, @feliciamonique08 is a high school teacher. She must be some kind of athlete, too, because she upped the anti with yet another video in which the levels changing aren't heel height, but ground conditions.


#duet with @cityboiixx It’s cold as heck today, but since y’all wanted to see this here you go 😁 #heelschallenge #levelup #heels #grass #sprint #fyp

♬ Stadium Rave - Spongebob Squarepants

She progresses from asphalt to dirt and rocks and in every single trial, she is absolutely booking it. I cannot run this fast in sneakers:

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Based on the responses, maybe I'm wrong about this becoming a popular challenge. People seem to have some grasp on what their actual skill level is in heels:

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Know thyself, and don't try this at home.

Alison Sullivan

Written by Alison Sullivan

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