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TikToker Goes Around Asking Wealthy Homeowners What They Do For A Living


The lifestyles of the rich (and famous) have always proved fascinating to those of us who will never come anywhere near that world. But amidst all the actors and musicians and socialites whose names might be somewhat recognizable, there are plenty of other well-off people living the good life in fancy homes and even fancier zip codes.

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Aaron Vankampen decided he wanted to learn just a little bit more about those regular rich folks, TikTok-style, and began a series of videos where he simply knocks on doors of expensive-looking houses to ask the question: “What do you do for a living?”

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Each video features a handful of households Vankampen has approached out of the blue, with the people living there letting them know they do all sorts of things from acting to practicing law to owning their own chain of cannabis stores.

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One woman even appeared to casually claim that she’s part of the Yakuza, a Japanese crime syndicate.

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Vankampen told BuzzFeed that he’s comfortable enough going up to all of these houses because he also works as a location scout, often going door-to-door to look at properties for potential filming locations.

“Doing this for five years has built my strong confidence and appropriate demeanor,” he said. “Studying the trend that highlights luxury lifestyles, followed by inquiries of how they were attained, allowed me to connect the dots and see how my skills aligned with this opportunity.”

While the majority of the people shown in his videos are surprisingly chill about talking to a complete stranger who’s clearly recording the conversation and inquiring into how they obtained their wealth, Vankampen says that if people express any unwillingness to participate, he respects that decision.

“I get all sorts of responses from people,” he replied to a comment on one video. “I’m always very polite and appropriate, if they don’t want me to share the content I don’t.”

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But there’s clearly an audience for such simple and bold content. Vankampen’s videos get millions of likes, with one featuring two lawyers and a “dream worker” racking up nearly 29 million views in just a few days.

So the next time you’re driving through Toronto and see a massive house, you can pop on over to Vankampen’s @onepercenthomes and see if the owner revealed the path they took to achieve such a fabulous lifestyle has been revealed.

Written by Rachel Kiley

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