TikTok Shows Fight Erupting Between Customer And Worker In A Waffle House, Nature Is Healing

waffle house fight

Waffle House is the perfect place to go when you are drunk, which is probably why it’s the scene of so much conflict. People show up for hash browns, pancakes, waffles (of course), and three rounds of syrupy boxing.

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A new TikTok from user @brookewiser1 shows that things are getting back to normal at the eatery as restaurants reopen across the U.S. People are fighting each other at Waffle House again.

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The video was posted on Saturday, the Daily Dot reports, and has over 11 million views at this point. The TikToker films back and forth between her and her friends non-reaction and the antics of someone who seems to be a customer and someone who seems to be a harassed Waffle House employee:

There’s a whole lot of crashing and banging throughout, and at one point the customer steps up onto the counter like they’re going to leap to the other side and get physical. Instead, they pick up a metal napkin dispenser and whip it right at the employee. There’s a lot of cursing, yelling and someone threatens to call the police.

The TikToker hasn’t posted anything about what was actually going on, as far as they knew, but they did comment that it was “dinner and a show.”

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Most commenters are impressed with the two diner’s ability to mind their own business. Well, they were filming a fight, so it’s not completely minding their business. But they didn’t try to help anyone, so that counts?

The other half of the commenters are quoting the popular Vine of two Waffle House employees scrambling behind the counter as a customer repeats, “Can I get a waffle? Can I please get a waffle?”

I’m just glad to see that nature is healing.

Written by Alison Sullivan

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