Ayesha Curry Slams Rumors That She And Steph Have An Open Marriage

steph and ayesha curry open marriage
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Ayesha Curry isn’t here for people spreading gossip about her marriage with NBA star Stephen Curry.

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Rumors have been going around lately that the two are in an open relationship, fueled by celebrity gossip accounts on social media. But Ayesha shot that down in a seemingly since-deleted Instagram comment this week.

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She had shared a photo of her husband smoldering in front of a gorgeous sunset with the caption, “Good gracious God almighty @stephencurry30… my baby’s @gq cover shoot.”

Underneath, a prying fan accused her of “still [wanting] an open relationship.”

“If I were him you woulda been sent to the streets already,” they wrote.

“Don’t believe everything you read,” she replied. “Do you know how ridiculous that is? Don’t disrespect my marriage like that. Please and thank you.”

According to an anonymous tipster on the @deuxmoi Instagram page, a “well-known NBA couple” that people came to assume was Steph and Ayesha “aren’t as faithful and in love as their social media and image make them out to be!” 

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The person went on to accuse them of having “side hookups and flings” that they keep under wraps so as not to disrupt their “perfect family image.”

Of course, anonymous internet chatter is ultimately nothing more than just that, and at the moment, no one knows the inner workings of Steph and Ayesha’s marriage except the couple themselves and those closest to them.

And while some folks clearly jumped on the gossip, more people seemed interested in praising Ayesha for clapping back at some rando coming to her page trying to stir up drama.

“Y’all really be commenting this stuff under ppl pics?” asked @tycrook4. “Lol that’s so weird and unnecessarily involved.”

“People really be too read to comment on a marriage! Know your lane and stay in it!” @primetime_cakes suggested.

And @beambunnyup brought it home with the most obvious retort for people like the original commenter: “‘If I were him’…. but you not. Go and talk to your own wife.”

Written by Rachel Kiley

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