Video: White Woman Slaps Black Man In The Face, Huge Brawl Erupts At Steelers Game

steelers lions fight

A pretty dramatic fight broke out on Saturday night at Heinz Field during a football match between the Pittsburgh Steelers and Detroit Lions, and it’s caused quite a debate over who instigated the conflict and what the appropriate response should have been.

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Posted by Twitter user @EvrybodyHatesAP, it starts in the middle of what’s already a pretty heated argument. A white woman is yelling at a Black man, and she tells him to “get the f-ck out.” It’s unclear how long they’ve been arguing or what they’ve been arguing about. It looks like he reaches towards her and she goes to push his hand.

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He then grabs her hand and tells her not to touch him, and she responds by slapping him across the face. Then things REALLY get wild.

A man who is with the woman stands up to intervene and eventually gets knocked out cold himself. The woman throws herself between them and the man who was slapped keeps pushing and swiping wildly until a few other guys get up and gather around. They don’t grab him or anything, but he seems to take a breath and step back because things have definitely gotten out of control.

A stadium official eventually got there and it was the Black man who was escorted out, even though several people say she hit him first. The video has set off quite a debate over who started it, who ended it, and who deserved to be punished for the brawl:

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There is also a lot of context missing. If he’s saying don’t touch me, maybe she did touch him before that gesture that looks like a push—in which case she’d be the instigator in the eyes of the law. If not, the slap could be considered the “retaliation” to an assault, even though it’s obviously a huge escalation.

It isn’t clear if the couple got kicked out eventually or not either, if any arrests have been made, or if they will just all live in Twitter infamy.

Written by Alison Sullivan

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