Video: Woman Gets Booted From Spirit Airlines Flight After Lighting A Cig


Spirit Airlines passengers traveling to Fort Lauderdale were in for an unexpected delay after one woman on the flight decided to light up a cigarette while they waited to get off.

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Smoking has been illegal on planes for literal decades, and everyone who has ever been on a flight has undoubtedly both heard the rule over the announcements and seen the numerous no-smoking signs. 

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But one passenger on a Spirit flight from Detroit to Florida disregarded the rules after the plane landed, apparently feeling like the delay as everyone waited on the tarmac was a great time to smoke a cigarette.

“This girl…just pulled out a cigarette and started smoking and like, blowing it behind her,” Alexa Majdalawi, a fellow passenger sitting behind the smoking woman, said on TikTok. “And I was like, ‘Is this real life?’”

Another passenger captured the surprising moment on video, which also appears to show Majdalawi asking the woman to stop smoking.

After arguing with the smoking passenger, Majdalawi alerted the flight crew to the situation and they allowed Majdalawi, who has asthma, to move towards the back of the plane while they waited for officers to come remove the woman. When they did, she started filming.

The video shows two deputies approach the woman and ask her to come with them.

They take some time searching for her bag as another passenger provides colorful commentary on the whole situation, but eventually, she goes with them.

According to the Broward Sheriff’s Office, the passenger ultimately was not arrested since she complied with the request to get off the plane. And hey, smoking actually got her off before the rest of the passengers.

Written by Rachel Kiley

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