‘Spider-Man’ Fans React To Announcement Of New ‘El Muerto’ Spinoff Starring Bad Bunny

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In the latest of what the internet deems to be bad moves by Sony (here’s looking at you, Morbius), the company is set to produce a Spider-Man universe film about wrestler El Muerto, played by rapper Bad Bunny.

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The film was announced at CinemaCon on Monday night, to the confusion and frustration of some superhero comics fans. It follows several other Spider-Man universe movies: two Venom movies, the tanked Morbius, Kraven the Hunter, which is currently filming, and finally Madam Web, which is expected to hit theaters in July of 2023.

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Apparently, according to the Deadline article, the decision to center a film around El Muerto is in large part due to Bad Bunny’s own insistence to find a Latin character to play. The article says that he “took matters into his own hands and began mining the Spider-Man library for Latin characters that would suit him, eventually coming across El Muerto.”

The character of El Muerto, né Juan Carlos, is described by Deadline as “a super-powered wrestler who originally fought Spider-Man in a charity wrestling match in which he nearly unmasked the web slinger before being stung by Spider-Man with a paralyzing poison.”

This isn’t Bad Bunny’s first acting gig, however. He is set to make his major studio debut in the action movie Bullet Train at the end of July this year.

Many however, are voicing their displeasure with the casting and character choice for Sony’s latest film.

PostCredPod wrote of the movie, “‘Morbius’ studio Sony to continue cinematic defilement of Spider-Man with the release of an ‘El Muerto’ film starring Bad Bunny.”

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Another user expressed their confusion over Sony picking the most obscure “Spider-Man villain movies no one wants when they have a literal goldmine of alternative Spider-Mans that could be getting movies instead. Spider-Man Noir, Spider-Man 2099, Spider-Gwen, etc.”

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El Muerto is currently set to hit theaters in January 2024.

Written by Anna Good

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