Soulja Boy Announces He Is Going To Be A Father In Gender Reveal Party

soulja boy gender reveal

Soulja Boy announced on March 19 that he is expecting his first child with his partner, to the internet’s surprise.

The rapper posted video footage from a gender reveal party held with his partner, who is allegedly a celebrity stylist based in Los Angeles. In the video on a mansion lawn, the couple is surrounded by friends as well as two people dressed in oversized blow-up baby costumes. 

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The couple simultaneously set off different colorful smoke-filled gags, filling the air with blue smoke and revealing that they are going to have a boy. The crowd of friends cheer as the couple hug excitedly.

In the caption of the video posted by Soulja Boy, he said, “It’s a boy ‼️👶🏾🙏🏾🥺😝🥳”

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People on social media have shared their surprise that this is only the 31-year-old rapper’s first child. 

Given that Big Draco constantly boasts at being the “first” to do many things, people joked that they would have expected him to have a child sooner.

One Twitter user said, “Congrats 🎉 . Now you know you can’t be the first at everything anymore, gotta let lil man be the first sometimes too!! 😅”

One Twitter user said, “At 30 something? That’s rare to see for rappers these days.”

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Others still commented saying that Big Draco was having a Little Draco.

“[Not gonna lie] im more surprised that he didnt have a kid already,” another person posted.

Another joked, “The first rapper to have an inflatable baby at his gender reveal”.

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While the rapper can’t add this news to his string of firsts, some joked saying, “The first rapper named Soulja boy to have a boy.”

Some users commented that he was probably the first rapper to have a gender reveal party.

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“@souljaboy the only rapper to have a gender reveal & a sold out show in the same night 🐐🔥,” said yet another.

Written by Anna Good

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