Soulja Boy Is Upset That Drake Thanked Bow Wow For What He Says Is His Music

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In a series of Instagram posts, Drake thanked Bow Wow for inspiring his career, Revolt reports, while celebrating being the first artist to debut tracks at the No. 1, 2 and 3 spots on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

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“I had to link with Wizzle. Everybody wants to have drinks and everybody wants to celebrate and turn up and, you know, I just had to see Wizzle. I had to see Wizzle in person,” Drake said. “If it wasn’t for you, there wouldn’t be no me. That’s why — you know the rest — that’s why I’mma rock with y’all forevermore.”

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Soulja Boy did not like seeing this.

On Twitter, Soulja referenced the shout out, writing, “That n-gga drake is hilarious,” Soulja wrote. “Dude stole my whole bar then thanked bow wow.

Soulja Boy’s feud with Drake has been a meme for a few years ever since his conic Breakfast Club interview when he brought up Drake using his bars from “Whats Hannenin'” on his song with Lil Wayne, “Miss Me,” Complex reports, especially the way he said Drake’s name.

“Draaaaaake?” he asked during the interview. “Y’all n-ggas better stop playing with me man. Y’all talking about the lightskin n-gga from Degeneres? Stop playing with me. Stop playing me like I ain’t teach Drake everything he know. Y’all ain’t hear Drake on his first song?”

“‘Tell me what’s really going on, Drizzy Drake back in this thing already, what’s hap—,'” he rapped. “That’s Soulja! That’s my bar. He copied my whole f-cking flow. He copied my whole f-cking flow. Word for word. Bar for bar. Don’t act like I didn’t make Drake.”

The interview was referenced after the Bow Wow shout out:

Soulja Boy has also had some conflict with Bow Wow, which they’ve supposedly made peace about. But they still spar on social media now and then, so watch Bow Wow’s Twitter for a rebuttal.

Written by Alison Sullivan

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