Getaway Driver Ditches Shoplifter Holding Armful Of Nike Merch As Cops Roll Up In Viral TikTok

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Not all criminals can be masterminds, but some can’t even seem to handle the most simple of tasks.

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A viral video put a trio of shoplifters on blast when they left one of their own behind after failing to get a car door open.

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The incident happened at a Hibbett Sports in Edwardsville, Illinois. TikToker @faxisfax pulled into the parking lot with his daughter when three women rushed out of the store and sprinted towards them with “arms full of racks of sweatsuits.”


“I mean overloaded with sweatsuits,” he said. “As the first two women jump in the car, in the front seat, it seemed like they panicked and shifted the car into drive, which auto-locked all the doors.”


The video itself shows the third woman banging on the back car door and screaming, her arms indeed filled with sweatsuits. However, the car speeds off as a police vehicle is driving towards them, leaving her behind.


The woman drops all the loot and casually walks after the car before realizing she’s right next to a cop car. Just before that door opens, she breaks into a run across the lot, but it doesn’t take long for the officer to catch up and cuff her.

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From @faxisfax’s point of view, the whole thing “did not seem like a set up” to have the third woman take the fall, but rather just felt like a moment of panic at the fact that cops were already in the parking lot by the time the shoplifters themselves exited the store.

Regardless, viewers watching from home were already anticipating the dynamic change within the shoplifting friend group.

“They left her so she’s snitching,” @louivbags theorized. “This her villain origin story,” joked @ReinaCalis.

Another viewer lamented the fact that they felt bad for the shoplifter, but thought her friends “aint have to do her like that… not saying she didn’t deserve it but… it be the ones you think you know.”

The TikToker who captured the incident, meanwhile, was more focused on the oddity and volume of the sweatsuits they stole and tried to steal.

“It was interesting that all three of them had the exact same sweatsuits,” he said. “A whole rack of them.”

Written by Rachel Kiley

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