Sasha Obama Lip-Syncing To City Girls On TikTok Is Blowing Up The Internet

sasha obama tiktok

The ever-elusive Sasha Obama has won over the internet after people realized she was featured in a number of since-deleted lip-sync videos on TikTok.

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A tweet calling out the find showed Sasha and one of her friends flawlessly lip-syncing along to a remix of “Said Sum” by Moneybagg Yo featuring City Girls and DaBaby. And it is, truly, flawless.

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The whole TikTok account, which allegedly belongs to a friend named Miracle, turned private not long after, though someone did manage to pull some clips from various other lip-sync and dance videos before they were deleted.

Some people were quick to turn the 19-year-old’s fun into a negative, slamming her for the song’s “vulgarity.” It’s unfortunately reminiscent of the time conservatives got upset over a then 20-year-old Malia Obama seen blowing cigarette smoke rings while on vacation in Los Angeles last year.

Fortunately, most people on social media have been quick to defend Sasha and her dance moves, expressing how pleased they are to see her living her best teen life.

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And others were ready to point out that coming after the Obama daughters for being normal young adults is absolutely ridiculous, especially considering both how non-famous young adults often act and some of the things that grown adult children of other presidents get away with doing.

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Living in a world where teens can’t go on TikTok and make silly, harmless videos with their friends without getting thrown to the wolves just isn’t right.

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Sasha’s undoubtedly got her hands full with getting that college degree, but if she ever decides to hop back on TikTok, the internet will definitely have her back.

Written by Rachel Kiley

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