Lakers Fans Are Convinced Russell Westbrook Is Joining The Team After LeBron James And Anthony Davis Start Following His Wife On IG

russell westbrook lakers

The more I learn about sports the more it seems like they’re just another thing for people to gossip about like teen girls. And like teen girls, fans know everything there is to know about everybody just by piecing together the clues on social media. A new rumor seems to be “confirmed” by some meaningful Instagram follows, and fans are convinced that Russell Westbrook will soon be moving to the LA Lakers.

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The Lakers have been eliminated in the first round of the playoffs, so their base needs to find its fun where it can. On Friday, Twitter user @lukadoncic777_ noted that LeBron James and Anthony Davis had begun following Nina Westbrook on Instagram, Russell’s wife. Why would they be doing that if her man wasn’t becoming one of their brothers in arms?

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Westbrook could indeed be getting traded to the Lakers despite how expensive that would be, but this news has basically made it official in the minds of everyone following the ins and outs of the NBA players and their wives.

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Ignore ESPN, start following the ladies. You’ll get all the scoops.

Written by Alison Sullivan

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