People Furious At Rihanna’s Topless Photo Over “Cultural Appropriation”

rihanna topless, rihanna cultural appropriation
@badgalriri/Instagram, @xbrisabritx/Twitter

Rihanna is one of the most beautiful women in the world, so I apologize for no really noticing what she was wearing when she posted a photo of herself without a top on. The image was meant to promote her Savage x Fenty line, as most images she posts to Instagram these days are.

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In it, Rihanna is wearing some lilac drawers and not much else, except a collection of necklaces. It’s one of those pieces of jewelry that’s the problem.

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Here she is, looking amazing, it must again be said:


But if you zoom in on her accessories, one of them features a small statue of the god Ganesh, an important Hindu deity.


It’s not uncommon for gods and figures from polytheistic religions to kind of be casually used as decor or fashion. This is cultural appropriation, but it’s not addressed as often as it should be. Rihanna is a pretty popular figure, but it seems like everyone has had it up to here with this practice.

Soon the topic was trending online, as Twitter exploded with complaints about seeing Hindu culture used so casually for how it looks, without regard to the people who practice this religion:

Crosses are often used for fashion as well, but they’re generally worn by people from predominately Christian cultures. And it is really hard to come up with examples of people outside of Judeo-Christian practices randomly wearing a cross for a photo shoot. In fact, I can’t think of any. Can you?

Written by Alison Sullivan

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