D.C. Popeyes Shuts Down After Viral TikTok Shows Rats Swarming Kitchen


A Popeyes in Washington, D.C., finally got shut down after a viral TikTok revealed its kitchen had turned into a home for big ole rats to thrive during off-hours.

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@blaqazzrick01 posted the video earlier this month after doing his normal rounds delivering raw chicken to all the Popeyes in the area.

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It started off with him outside at night, clearly showing the Popeyes signage on the storefront before he unlocked the door and brought his camera inside. Once he reached the kitchen, it was impossible for viewers to miss what he wanted to show them.

“Goddamn rats. Look. Look at this sh*t,” he said. “These motherf—kers. Look at ‘em. Oh my god.”

As @blaqazzrick01 bangs on something off-screen, the rats run throughout the kitchen — across the floor, up the walls, and all around the boxes of supplies sitting out. The TikToker estimated there were at least 15 rats swarming the kitchen at the time.

“You still love that chicken from Popeyes?” he asked.

People were deeply disgusted by the infestation, with D.C. residents chiming in with concern about neighboring businesses, as well.

“I know this is about Popeyes but all those buildings on 8th Street are connected,” wrote @zztraderjoseph. “That’s restaurant row baby!!!”

Another TikToker claimed to have worked at the Chipotle next door, which they said had an even worse rat infestation.

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But the Popeyes, at least, received appropriate scrutiny following the video. Two and a half weeks after it was posted, a notice from the health department confirmed it was shut down until further notice due to presenting “an imminent health hazard(s) to the public.”

Looking up fast-food restaurants you like on TikTok remains one of the boldest moves one can make on the social media platform. The results are simply never good. Then again, if you’re trying to convince yourself to stay home and stop dropping those franchise dollars, it’s the best way to do it.

Written by Rachel Kiley

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