Girls Are Randomly Calling Men ‘Short Kings’ On TikTok And They Can’t Deal

@suzyshattuck, @tylaannett/TikTok

The gender wars are alive and well on TikTok, and the younger generation keeps getting more inventive about trolling one another. Their preferred platform to do so is TikTok, of course.

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A new trend is for women to find TikTok Live feeds hosted by guys and post encouraging, enthusiastic messages about “short kings,” implying the dudes are short…but it’s cool.

The guys really, really don’t like it. The trend was started by @steffsizzle, based on the timeline of when they started appearing and some comments she made on her original TikTok about folks stealing her ideas. So here it is:


nobody ever responded to me ???? #fyp #shortkings

♬ original sound – steff
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Part of the reason she’s not getting credit is that a very similar video made three days ago by @sadikhansk went viral when it was shared to Twitter, where it blew up:

A short king is a way to describe a man who is under 5’8″ and it’s supposed to be affectionate. Junkee reports it became popular as a term by YouTubers Cody Ko and Noel Miller, and they made a viral song about loving being short with Blackbear in 2019. It’s unfortunate that the spirit of short king love is being tarnished somewhat by TikTokers trying to turn it into an insult of sorts, though it is kind of funny to see men react so intensely and similarly to the idea that anyone might think they’re below average height.


New fav thing to do in lockdown???????????? #shortkings

♬ original sound – Tyla

So many turn to the camera and start arguing, show off their long legs, or even get up to touch the ceiling or stand next to something for scale, desperate to prove they have trouble finding long enough pants at H&M. That is definitely not Short King energy, which we need more this year than ever. Love yourself and your height, boys!

Written by Alison Sullivan

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