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Popeyes Meme Kid Just Won A State Football Championship Because We’re All Old As Hell

popeyes meme kid

A high school football player is recreating the meme that shot him to his 15 minutes of internet fame, and it is making us all feel so, so old.

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Dieunerst Collin’s young face is recognizable to anyone who spends time on the internet. His reaction to having someone start filming him at Popeyes after they mistook him for Vine star Lil Terio has become a widely-used reaction shot on multiple platforms long after Vine’s demise.

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But “Popeye meme boy” now has another moniker — “The Killer Whale,” named such for his skills as an offensive lineman on his New Jersey high school football team.

After East Orange won the State Championship this weekend, Collin took to Twitter to post a then vs now comparison between what some would consider his two big wins in life so far.

“From Popeyes to State Champion!!” he wrote.

Seeing as how people on the internet love both seeing where former meme kids ended up and bemoaning their own mortality, this glow up was a riot for everyone.

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Even Popeyes had something to say about it.

And for any actual sports fans who want to see how the championship was won, you can check that out here:

A meme kid finding success…you love to see it!

Written by Rachel Kiley

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