Viral TikTok Starts Conversation About Having A ‘Plus-Size’ Hooters

@chynnadoll29/Instagram, @jaronfurches/TikTok

On Wednesday, TikToker Jaron Furches, posting under @jaronfurches, shared a photo he seems to have found somewhere on the Internet of a group of women in Hooters uniforms. The women are all plus-sized, which is pretty much the opposite of Hooters’ hiring practices, which seems like it should be illegal? It also just seems like bad business, because Furches is one of many men who would be thrilled to overpay for wings just to be served by these ladies.

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Over the picture he wrote, “The first plus sized Hooters just opened,” and then showed himself running to the door like he can’t get there fast enough while using the popular TikTok sound that repeats the lyrics “we gotta go, we gotta go, I know, I know.”

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“WE GOTTA GO NOW OMW TO WIN CUSTOMER OF THE YEAR,” he wrote in the caption, followed by a heart-eyed emoji.

Sadly, the big news is incorrect. The original photo was taken by plus-size influencer Chynna Turner from Hattiesburg, Mississippi. She and her friends bought the outfits on Amazon and dressed up for Halloween.

It really seems like they had a blast that night, and weren’t on the job at all:

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Turner runs a body-positivity group called Big Dolls Empowerment, and she told the New York Post that they were kind of trying to make a statement with their look.

“My girls and I wanted to make a statement with our Halloween look this year,” she said. “Hooters typically discriminates against bigger women, but I figured showing up and showing out in the Hooters uniform would help spread the message that you don’t have to be a size 2 to do you in a sexy and confident way.”

The popularity of Furches TikTok has opened up a convo again in the comments about whether or not Hooters’ practices are discriminatory. Some were floored by the idea that all the plus-size girls would have to work in the same place, but since it’s not real, that’s not actually a problem.

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What is actually a problem is that there’s a restaurant chain where the theme is objectification of women and also that we all think about it so much. Hooters, be gone!

Written by Alison Sullivan

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