Pete Davidson Viciously Roasted Jake Paul Before His Boxing Match, Called Him A “Piece Of Sh—t”

On Saturday night, YouTuber Jake Paul finally found an MMA fighter willing to punch him in the face in exchange for money and clout. Paul and Ben Askren participated in a Triller Fight boxing match in Atlanta, and to fill in all the dead air in between Paul getting smacked, they hired comedian Pete Davidson to host.

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I don’t know who made that decision, but they might not have a job this week. From the top, Davidson expressed his total contempt for everyone and everything happening.

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Like in this clip where Davidson says that this even just proves that if you have enough followers you can do whatever you want and that both Paul and Askren “suck.”

“We are backstage at Jake Paul’s dressing room, or locker room, if you want to call it that,” he said. “And today’s a really wild day for boxing because it just shows how low it’s truly sunk.”

“At least someone’s gonna get hurt,” he adds.

But things got much more heated when Davidson started actually interacting with the men he hates. After being kind of playful and jokey with Paul and his group of yellow-shirted Yes Men, Davidson asked about the recent sexual assault allegations against him made by TikToker Justine Paradise, who posted a long YouTube video in which she alleges that Paul forced her to perform oral sex on him after she said no.

Paul has denied the allegations and called Paradise a liar. He also claimed he “respects women” in his rebuttal, so we know he isn’t being entirely honest himself. After Pete Davidson said what he said, the energy in the studio changed immediately.

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“You can’t joke around about that,” said Paul, getting serious.

“No, I’m not. I’m not,” responded Davidson, laughing a little. They did move on to other topics, but if you want to be super uncomfortable for a while, you can watch the full interview here.

It’s very rare that alleged abusers are asked about the subject publicly, especially by men, so it was kind of remarkable that Davidson brought it up at all. And if you hate Paul, it’s kind of amazing to think about him having this on his mind as he entered the ring (though he did ultimately win, unfortunately).

On Ben Askren’s side of the arena, the conversation turned to Paul. Askren asked Davidson why he didn’t like him.

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“Well, I mean, do you have an hour?” Davidson said. “I mean, he’s not a good person. He clearly is not a good influence on any of the youth culture.”

“He has this whole following, so he thinks he can do whatever he wants, and didn’t he get busted by the feds with AKs and a bunch of machine guns? Like, why isn’t he in jail?” he adds.

“He’s violated the law many times,” Askren said. “Paul is a decent fighter, but he’s still a sh-t bag of a human being.”

“Exactly,” says Davidson. “That’s the message we’re trying to get to the kids. He is a piece of sh-t.”

That about covers it.

Written by Alison Sullivan

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