Paul Pierce Shows Off Gigantic Grow House After Getting Fired By ESPN

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@paulpierce34 , @AhnFireDigital/Twitter

Celtics icon and NBA analyst Paul Pierce was working on ESPN’s NBA Countdown and The Jump when he posted an Instagram live featuring strippers and some weed-smoking. ESPN is owned by Disney, who notoriously not chill with people having adult fun.

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Pierce got fired, probably not because anyone at Disney really cares what he does in his free time, but because viewers were complaining. That sucks. Though he seems to be trying to stay upbeat about the whole thing:

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He’s also tried to give his perspective and received a lot of support from fans and friends:

Tyrese (who just shaved his girlfriend’s pubic hair on Instagram, for some reason) was very fired up in the comments:

Maybe the reason Pierce is taking the situation in stride is that he can now be more open about his true passion.

On Monday, Pierce posted another Instagram Live video, and in this one he is completely surrounded by marijuana, showing off a massive grow house:

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He says, “We’re over in the lab, baby,” panning around the room. The video seems to imply that Pierce might be launching some sort of weed company, which might be even more lucrative than being on TV. Just ask Jaleel White.

Everybody has to get their own strain out there before the market is oversaturated with famous people’s pot.

Written by Alison Sullivan

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