Video: OJ Simpson Swerved After Trying To Kiss A Random Girl At The Bar

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Don’t listen to what the Las Vegas board of tourism tells you: Things that happen in that city do not stay in that city. At all. Especially not in the age of social media, and especially if you’re not a famous former athlete who most people believe is guilty of murder, like OJ Simpson.

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Simpson was caught on camera this weekend cozying up to some young blonde girl who needs a stern lecture about having better judgment. In the viral TikTok posted by @mackenziegd1998, the unnamed blonde seems very hype to see Simpson, yelling over and over, “He’s out, baby!”

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He turns to look at her after smiling for the camera, then leans in like she’s inviting him for a kiss. She swerves out of the way, making this face:


This is possibly one of the most uncomfortable moments caught on camera involving OJ Simpson, and there are literally hours of trial footage out there:

The video ended up on Twitter, too, and the comments sum the situation up:

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Stay away from OJ, yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

Written by Alison Sullivan

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