NFL Players Won’t Be Tested For Weed In The Off-Season Starting 4/20

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As marijuana becomes legal and accessible in more and more states across the country, major organizations are being forced to recognize someone: everybody is smoking weed.

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The NFL has been randomly testing its players for drugs including traces of THC anytime they want, even when they’re not on the clock. But starting on Tuesday, the random drug test window opened and marijuana was not on the list of substances they were looking for.

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Happy 4/20, to all! According to Business Insider, between April 20th and August 9th this year, NFL players can have as much Delta 9 THC-carboxylic acid in their system as they want, and the doctors will never need to know. The decision was outlined under the league’s new collective bargaining agreement passed last year.

Did someone put the official start of these rules on pot’s biggest holiday for a reason? We may never know.

The CBA does state that players will be tested for THC again when training camps open, so they’ll have to be careful about when they take that last toke. It also raised the threshold for what is considered a “positive” test, from 35 nanograms of THC to 150 nanograms.

If players are over the limit, they will no longer be suspended but could be subject to fines equaling three weeks’ pay. They do say that they’re trying to move away from punitive measures and are having medical professionals review each case to determine if someone needs treatment for drug use.

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In previous years, the harsher suspension rules kept some people out of the game for entire seasons. Maybe the NFL just realized their rules were hurting their bottom line, too.

Alison Sullivan

Written by Alison Sullivan

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