NFL Player Chase Claypool Seems To Kick A Man In The Head During A Bar Fight

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A video appears to show Pittsburgh Steelers Chase Claypool in a bar fight giving someone a swift kick in the brain cage. TMZ Sports shared the footage, which they report was filmed at the Wild Goose Taven in Costa Mesa, California on March 13.

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The fight supposedly started when someone inside started throwing dollar bills at a woman. An argument over it started and soon it turned into a brawl outside the establishment. Claypool isn’t being fingered as the instigator, but he does seem to kick someone laying on the ground:

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In the full video on TMZ, Claypool is pulled out of the brawl by some friends and is yelled at to stand back. The Costa Mesa Police did say they received a call about the fight, but everyone had split by the time they arrived. No one has been arrested in the situation.

Online, people are debating exactly what happens in the admittedly chaotic scene, some saying Claypool was trying to pull the fighters apart, others that he was defending a friend, and others that he was practicing for a second career in soccer:

It’s hard to stand back and watch a friend get their ass kicked, but if you play for the NFL, please know that someone is going to be filming when you take a cheap shot.

Written by Alison Sullivan

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