Video Shows Cop Turn To Walk Away Seconds Before Explosion In Nashville


We still have more questions than answers surrounding the explosion that happened in downtown Nashville, Tennessee, on Christmas Day, but a newly released video shows that casualties beyond the suspect were just narrowly avoided.

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Anthony Quinn Warner’s RV exploded with him inside at around 6:30 am on Friday. Shortly before that, it began playing a countdown, warning anyone in the vicinity about what was going to happen. 

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Police who were already on the scene after reports of gunfire in the area quickly evacuated the surrounding buildings, but per recently released footage, at least one officer started walking back towards the RV before changing his mind and turning back.

And then, it exploded.

While the identity of the officer in the video is unclear, Officer James Wells reported a similar experience as the bomb went off.

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Wells was among those evacuating people in the surrounding buildings, and says he was headed towards the RV when he decided to go check on a fellow officer, Amanda Topping, instead.

“This might not be politically correct, but this is my truth,” he said. “I literally heard God tell me to turn around and go check on Topping, who was by herself down on Broadway.”

Topping was headed towards Wells at the same time, and that’s when the explosion occurred.

“I’ve never grabbed somebody so hard in my life,” she said. “I will never forget the windows shattering after the blast all around me — it kind of looked like a movie scene, all the glass breaking at once.”

Thanks to the evacuation efforts, only three people were injured, and the only casualty reported was the man who set off the bomb, and was still in his RV at the time. 


Written by Rachel Kiley


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