‘MugShawtyss’ Posts Only the Hottest Mug Shots To Be Found On Record

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Things have never been the same since Jeremy Meeks was introduced to the world as the “hot convict” who stole everyone’s hearts with his dreamy blue eyes. That mug shot actually launched a career in modeling for the man.

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Since then, there have been diminishing returns on getting discovered via mug shot, but that doesn’t stop Instagram account Mugshawtyss from posting them. The account poses the question, “What if hot people committed crimes?”

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The answer is that, yes, they do. There is no correlation between looks and ending up in front of a police camera, yet people seem to enjoy hooting and hollering over these ladies in the comments, typing, “SET HER FREE” in regards to every crime they’ve committed, from driving under the influence to starting a riot to throwing a wine bottle at a cop.

All that matters to fans is that these beauties are released to wreak havoc on the world again—and looking smoking hot while doing so. See why below:

1. “Unknown charges”

2. “Theft prop”

3. “DWI”

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4. “Felony possession of marijuana and pwid cocaine”

5. “DUI”

6. “Unknown charges”

7. “Marijuana possession”

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8. “Theft”

9. “DWI”

10. “Disorderly conduct with a weapon”

11. “Unknown charges”

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12. “Assault 4th degree”

13. “Stealing watches valued at 82k from men on the Vegas strip”

14. “Unknown charges”

15. “Starting a riot”

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16. “Unknown charges”

17. “Armed robbery”

18. “Unknown charges”

19. “Driving with enough fentanyl to kill a million people”

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20. “Assault from fighting a girl because she stepped on her suede boots”

21. “Unknown charges”

22. “Arrested for throwing a wine bottle at a police officer”

23. “Kicked her bfs door in while he was cheating lol”

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24. “Walked into someone’s house at 3 AM intoxicated owner found her petting his dog”

25. “Drug possession”

Written by Alison Sullivan

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